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One legal writing class took off in a word processing frenzy. Teams of students experimented using the “Find” search tool to unearth sentences to edit.

“it” and “there” rooted out unclear subjects and empty phrases
“ion” and “ment” pinpointed flabby nouns that could be turned into strong verbs
“by” often located passive voice
“as”, “in” and “of” found words and phrases that could be removed with no change in meaning

Watch Andrew and Jiang ("IT" AND "THERE"), Afra and Gaston (FLABBY NOUNS), AND Elisapie and Jacob (PREPOSITIONS) search and edit for clarity. Then try it yourself.

And remember, you can do the same review by just reading the document with a highlighter or pen to mark places you want to revise. The word processing tool just makes some tasks quicker.