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As a new lawyer, you are going to be asked to produce quality memos. Lawyers will rely on your work to help make decisions affecting clients. Crafting a well-written memo will build trust and confidence.

Anna Okoro and Ben Hall were once in your shoes. They felt overwhelmed on their first files with their new law firms so they worked closely with their mentors, Joel Oliver and Janice Payne, to write first-rate memos.

You will work alongside Anna and Ben to learn what they learned and get feedback from their mentors. You can also use the topical Crafting The Memo's Parts to get overviews and exercises on different memo elements. Getting Ready to Write has pointers for organizing your thinking and research.

Listen to what Anna and Ben have to say about their first assignments.

Anna Okoro, Student

Drawing of Anna Okoro.

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Duration: 49 seconds

Ben Hall, First-year Associate

Drawing of Ben Hall.

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Duration: 44 seconds

Experts' Tips

Take a moment to listen to Anna's and Ben's mentors on the context, audience, and purpose of legal memos and the practical realities of writing memos in a busy law firm.

Joel Oliver

Anna's Mentor on Context, Audience, and Purpose

Drawing of Joel Oliver.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 45 seconds

Janice Payne

Ben's Mentor on Practical Realities

Drawing of Janice Payne.

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Duration: 11 minutes and 22 seconds

Sample Memos

Now it's time to start your memo writing experience. You can choose to take on either Anna's or Ben's file. You will be briefed on the client's story, receive the assigning lawyer's instructions, and get memo writing advice. As you read the sample memos, be sure to click on the Practice Tip icons Icon representing tooltips, which contain supplementary information. This information can be text, audio, or video. If you are using a screen reader, content in the tooltip will be read automatically. for audio and video memo writing pointers.

Anna's File: Hopper v Summervale

Ben's File: Bradley v Tech World