Chad does a Reader Reaction on his own client advice letter

Transcript (.pdf. 80 kb)

Emily Gives Liam a Reader Reaction to His Motion Brief


Reader Reaction: Do you need to strengthen CAP?


Imagine you are the client, lawyer, or judge reading the work for the first time. Or ask your writing partner to take on the reader’s role.

Context: who, what, why, when, where, and how

  • Did you have to work hard to find out what you needed to know?
  • Did your writing partner get the key points? Is anything missing?

Audience: Detail, tone, and language

  • Client: Were you stumped by unfamiliar concepts, mysterious Latin phrases, or unfamiliar words?
  • Lawyer: Did the memo give an objective account so you can predict the likely result and advise a client?
  • Judge: Did the words persuade you? Or is the language exaggerated and you do not trust the message?

Purpose: Where do you see information that will help you evaluate, make a decision, or take a next step?

Remember, if the reader misses your points, it is never the reader’s fault. You need to take a step back, review, and strengthen your CAP.